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Decorating Order:

The signing of this contract represents an order for event decorating services. The signing of this contract constitutes a full and complete understanding and agreement between the Client and Jubi Creations (Decorator), in relation to the service agreements, arrangements and other terms and conditions outlined in this contract.

Service Agreements & Arrangements:

Jubi Creations specialize in decorating hotel rooms, other lodging spaces (i.e., Airbnb, Vrbo)., private office, in home, or small outdoor spaces. Prior to purchasing and booking a special occasions package, the Client must first have communicated with the hospitality company, venue or organization and confirmed a reservation or plans, if applicable. It is also the Client’s responsibility to communicate with the hospitality company, venue, or organization to schedule a minimum of an hour for Jubi Creations to deliver design services. In instances where the design services are being rendered in the Client’s home or other private spaces, it is the Client’s responsibility to make sure the area is free and clear of objects that may prohibit the Decorator from executing the design services. The Decorator is not held responsible for any unmet expectations of the Client due to the prohibitions of the hospitality company, venue, organization or due to the failure to clear the area of obstacles that prevents the Decorator from implementing the design services.

Considering most all hospitality companies require checkout between 11am and 12pm, Jubi Creations does not offer breakdown or cleanup services. It is the Client’s responsibility to be courteous to hotel and other lodging organizations when considering cleanup. Jubi Creations will provide supplies and instructions (to pop balloons) to assist in breakdowns and cleanup of spaces. Also considering all materials used in Jubi Creation designs are easily disposable or keepsakes, Jubi Creation does not extend breakdown nor cleanup services to other private sites nor venues in addition to hotels or other lodging organizations.

Terms & Conditions

Jubi Creations is an independent Decorating service company and does not have any agreements/arrangements with venues, hospitality companies or any other organizations. Therefore, those parties reserve the right to charge any additional breakdown or cleanup fees. Jubi Creations is not and will not be responsible for any service charges incurred by the Client from the venues, hospitality companies and/or organizations due to excess cleanup requirements.


Jubi Creations reserves the right to photograph and video graph any decorated space for business promotional purposes only. Photographs and videos are subject to being displayed publicly on social media and any other advertising media platform. Photographs and videos will uphold the privacy of the Client’s identity.

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